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Welcome to ColorTexturePhotoTours!

We provide exceptional, high-end, all-inclusive travel photography tours in Costa Rica for amateur and advanced photographers looking for photography trips with incredible locations, fantastic hotels, great food, private transportation, knowledgeable English-speaking nature guides, professional photography tips, and assistance in creating better images.  We remove the time consumption, frustration, and stress involved in researching, planning, and booking travel arrangements required for shooting in Costa Rica.

All photo tours are created and organized by Scott Setterberg, an award-winning professional photographer with 27 years of still photography and film production experience. Scott's fine art images have been exhibited in dozens of art galleries, art fairs, and juried fine art festivals throughout the United States and are held in private collections worldwide.  In 2011, Scott's work was featured at the Pink Art Fair in Seoul, South Korea, and in 2015, his stunning images of Costa Rica were showcased in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  Scott has also produced hundreds of television commercials and music videos and a partial list of his film production clients include: Angelina Jolie, Anheuser-Busch, Army National Guard, AT&T, Bayer, Black & Decker, Bon Jovi, Burger King, Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, CNBC, Dominos, Eminem, ESPN, Ford, Gucci, Hallmark, Hasbro, Hewlett Packard, Jane's Addiction, JC Penney, Jeep, Johnson & Johnson, Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Major League Baseball, McDonalds, Mercedes Benz, Metallica, Moby, Motrin, Mountain Dew, National Basketball Association, Nike, Nine Inch Nails,, Ozzy Osbourne, Payless, Proctor & Gamble, Reebok, Red Robin, Shiseido, Snoop Dogg, Suzuki, Tom Cruise, Tommy Lee Jones, Taco Bell, Time Warner Cable, TJ Maxx, T-Mobile, Toyota, Turtle Wax, Uniqlo, and Volvo.  Because of his incredibly demanding projects, Scott knows what it takes to plan and produce the highest-quality imagery while providing excellent care for his clients.

Scott has always been fascinated by waterfalls and has fond memories of family roads trips, crossing mountain passes, and searching the side-view from the backseat of his family's lime green station wagon for the slightest glimpse of a free-flowing spectacle.  When he'd see one, an exciting energy would rush through him and he would’ve stopped at each one if given the chance.  Perhaps those childhood experiences unconsciously led him to the world of landscape photography and opportunities to forever capture the powerful magic of waterfalls.  Now decades later, he still holds the same fascination, and with eager anticipation, awaits falling under their next spell.  

Over the years, while seeking a more meaningful and balanced life with relief from his demanding and stressful work schedule, Scott escaped more and more to the serenity of nature photography, chasing waterfalls, and photographic holidays.  In 2012, Scott first traveled to and fell in love with Costa Rica, and now spends much of his time bathing in the country's beauty and photographing waterfalls there.  

Why the name ColorTexturePhotoTours?  As you can see, all of Scott's images are saturated with rich, vibrant color and tremendous texture, so adding his vast commercial experience to produce the best photo tours was a natural progression.  It's Scott's love of Costa Rica and passion for waterfall photography that he now wants to share with you.

So, if you’re interested in exceptional waterfall photography tours in Costa Rica, register for a tour today, and come join the magic!

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