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Palouse - Eastern Washington Photo Tour

The Palouse, Eastern Washington

Join us on this outstanding, all-inclusive 6-day, 5-night photography tour and explore unique Eastern Washington landscapes created thousands of years ago by the Missoula Ice Age floods.  Photograph the world-famous rolling farmlands of the Palouse, stunning Palouse Falls, jagged gorges, towering columnar basalt cliffs, hidden lakes, beautiful bluffs overlooking the mighty Columbia River, colorful mountains, vibrant wildflowers, and breathtaking sunsets.  Photographers of all skill levels are welcome and the only requirement is a basic understanding of using a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Locations: The Palouse, Ancient Lakes, Hanford Reach, White Bluffs, Palouse Falls, the Columbia River, and Steptoe Butte

• Improve your photo skills with personalized, professional photography assistance
• Enhance your digital workflow with Lightroom assistance
• Relax in award-winning hotels 
• Enjoy delicious gourmet cuisine
• Travel comfortably in private transportation
• 4 spots maximum per tour 


Day 1 - Arrive in Tri-Cities / Sunset Shoot
A representative from ColorTexturePhotoTours will greet you at Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) and take you to our fantastic hotel in Richland.  After getting settled, we'll have a delicious welcome dinner in Kennewick and shoot the Cable Bridge, which is the first of its kind ever constructed in the United States. We'll shoot throughout the sunset, then return to our hotel.

Note: Please schedule flight arrivals no later than 4P.

Cable Bridge, Tri Cities, Washington

Day 2 - Reach Museum / Hanford Reach / White Bluffs
After a relaxing breakfast and editing images, we travel by private transfer to The Reach Museum.  Using photos, movies, and historical props and literature, this unique facility documents the history of the Hanford Reach - also known as White Bluffs - including Hanford's role in the top secret Manhattan Project and race to obtain nuclear weapons.  After visiting the museum, we'll enjoy a delicious late lunch / early dinner and travel to White Bluffs, which was once part of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and has been untouched by development or agriculture since 1943.  This stunning location along the mighty Columbia River is filled with vibrant colors, tremendous textures, rolling mountains, wind-blown sand dunes, desert plants and wildlife, and the photo opportunities here are limitless.  After shooting through the sunset, we'll return to our hotel.

Hanford Reach, White Bluffs, Washington

Day 3 - Ancient Lakes
After a relaxing breakfast, editing images, image reviews, and a great lunch, we set out by private transfer to Ancient Lakes.  Ancient Lakes is a beautiful area created by the Missoula Ice Age floods that carved out jagged canyons and left several lakes and waterfalls surrounded by towering basalt cliffs and colorful desert foliage. After shooting, we'll travel back to our hotel.

Ancient Lakes, Washington

Day 4 - The Palouse / Steptoe Butte
After a casual breakfast, editing images, image reviews, and lunch, we travel by private transfer to the sensational Palouse and Steptoe Butte.  Located high above the Palouse Hills on the eastern edge of Washington state, Steptoe Butte offers unmatched views of the truly unique landscape.  The towering bluff stands out against flowing hills of green and beige with an occasional barn breaking up the landscape and colors shifting and changing in the light.  This is a fantastic landscape filled with abstract patterns, shapes, colors, and shadows and we'll photograph through sunset, then return to our hotel.

The Palouse, Washington

Day 5 - Palouse Falls
After a casual breakfast, editing images, and image reviews, we'll have a late lunch / early dinner and travel to Palouse Falls.  Created more than 13,000 years ago, Palouse Falls is among the last active waterfalls on the Ice Age floods path, and was designated as Washington's state waterfall by the state legislature in 2014.  Palouse Falls plunges 198 feet into a swirling pool before moving swiftly through a winding gorge of colorful columnar basalt and merging with the Snake River.  After shooting, we'll return to our hotel.

Palouse Falls, Washington

Day 6 - Depart Tri-Cities
After breakfast and editing images, we'll travel by private transfer to Tri-Cities Airport, where you'll catch your flight home.

Note: Please schedule your flight departure no earlier than 12P.

Tri Cities Airport