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During my spectacular photo tour in 2017, I was able to experience every corner of Costa Rica with the best photographic artist, Scott Setterberg, and his professional, efficient team.  Thanks to Scott, who showed me how to use creative compositions, filters, and exposure techniques to produce better photographs, I was able to create excellent images filled with rich color, texture, and contrast that permeates Costa Rica's landscapes.  Each morning, I could hardly wait for the next adventure to begin... blue morpho butterflies resting on your shoulders, monkeys swinging like circus acrobats through the lush jungle canopy, and sensational waterfalls creating the grandest of stages.  We hiked in the lush mountains, bathed in a paradise of exotic plants, flowers, and fruit trees, and each pathway led us to light as the chant of waterfalls seduced us long before we ever saw them.  We stayed in a variety of wonderful hotels, decorated with exquisite taste, rustic Costa Rican charm, and an air of romanticism.  There were beautiful tropical gardens, refreshing pools, hot springs, spas, volcano views, and horseback riding to explore larger properties.  We ate at some of the best restaurants and I can't stop thinking about how delicious the food was!  The friendly staff at each hotel attended to us with a charisma of familiarity and one chef even shared a couple recipes with me.  I also have to say that Costa Rica has some of the freshest, best-flavored margaritas I have ever tasted!  This vacation was an unforgettable experience that I’d love to repeat.  Thank you Scott for your excellent work, for taking care of me, improvising and finding solutions, providing outstanding food, lodging, transportation, and extraordinary places to visit.  Thank you for everything and for giving me an incredible vacation.
~ Sara C.

"This was an outstanding and very professional experience.  Highly recommended." 
~ Herman R.

Our photo tour was absolutely incredible!  Every day was planned to perfection, the national parks and waterfalls were so all so different and stunningly beautiful.  Each hotel was fantastic with immaculately-manicured gardens filled with tropical plants and flowers, and the food was SO delicious!  We saw a group of monkeys, several coatis, a sloth, many colorful frogs and lizards, and tons of birds and gorgeous Blue Morpho butterflies.  Our transportation was private, comfortable, and roomy and we had the same friendly and helpful driver for the entire tour.  The nature guide was great, he spoke perfect English, and knew so much about all the plants and wildlife in the different areas that we explored.  Scott's photography tips were spot-on and our images improved dramatically.  Oh yeah, our gift bags, free massages, and relaxing in the hot springs put a cherry on top!  Thank you so much for such an amazing experience.  We are telling all our photographer friends that ColorTexturePhotoTours is awesome!"
~ Aaron & Sophia M.

ColorTexturePhotoTours gets 5 stars!"
~ Jason T.

"I would recommend ColorTexturePhotoTours to anyone looking for high-quality photography tours.  This place is great!"
~ Kerry S.

"Thank you!  My heart is filled with the healing splendor of nature and a wonderful reminder of how easy it is to simply connect to Source." 
~ Sylvia S.

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Sensational Locations - Llanos De Cortez, Costa Rica
Sensational Locations - Llanos De Cortez, Costa Rica

by Scott Setterberg July 09, 2018

Costa Rica is a country with immense diversity, and while it is indeed a tropical paradise filled with lush jungles, misty rainforests, and sparkling beaches, there is also part of the country with a hot, dry, arid climate.  It's hard to believe...

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Incredible Locations - Bajos Del Toro, Costa Rica
Incredible Locations - Bajos Del Toro, Costa Rica

by Scott Setterberg June 24, 2018

Incredible locations are scattered throughout Costa Rica's Central Valley, and one of the best of them is tucked away in the misty cloud forest of Juan Castro Blanco National Park.  Bajos del Toro Waterfall, also referred...

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