Explorer AX-02 Aura Explorer Mini Tilt Head

  • Shoe Mount Tilt Head
  • Mount on all hot shoe and cold shoe mounts
  • Lightweight at only 36g (0.8lbs)
  • Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • 2kg (4.4lbs) Max Load
  • Includes a 1/4" mount
  • The perfect companion for the Explorer AX-RGB AuraRGB and Explorer AX-LED915 AuraLED 915

The Explorer AX-02 Aura Explorer Mini Tilt-Head is a shoe mount designed to be used with hot or cold shoes allowing accessories such as LED light panels, microphones, and more to be mounted to a camera, video setup, quick release plate, or a small tabletop tripod. The Explorer AX-02 Aura Explorer Mini Tilt-Head has a max load capacity of 2kg (4.4lbs) and includes a 1/4″ bottom mount crew thread in addition to the shoe mount. The AX-02 allows the mounte accessory to tilt up and down with friction adjustments made according to weight load with the included hex key wrench. The Explorer Mini Tilt-Head is very lightweight at only 36g and is made with a high-quality aluminum alloy construction with an anodized finish for durability.

To attach to a camera, slide the foot into the hot shoe and tighten the silver lock. Use the top silver lock to mount the accessory and check the tilt dampening suits the accessory's weight. Use the included hex key wrench to adjust damping according to load weight.

The Explorer AX-02 Aura Explorer Mini Tilt-Head is the perfect companion for the Explorer AX-RGB AuraRGB and Explorer AX-LED915 AuraLED 915

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