Explorer EX-EXP Expedition Carbon Fibre Tripod

  • Compact travel tripod
  • Weighs 1.25kg (44.1oz)
  • Extends up to 1280mm (50.39") height
  • 10 layer carbon fibre build provides high strength to weight ratio
  • Supports up to 16kg (35.27lbs) load capacity
  • Removable leg converts to a monopod
  • 4 sections with twist leg locks
  • 3/8"/20 and 1/4"/20 accessory ports

The Explorer EX-EXP Expedition Carbon Fibre Tripod is a lightweight feature packed tripod for explorers and adventurous photographers.  The large load capacity of up to 16kg ensures high stability in a multitude of conditions. 10X layer carbon fibre provides rigidity but keeps the weight low. The sleek design ensures a small stowed profile which is great for portability and travel. The EX-EXP includes a monopod which is assembled from a leg that can be removed easily. 3/8" and 1/4" accessory ports are included on the centre junction to mount accessories such as the Explorer Sidekick magic arm.

4 sections extend to create a high maximum working height and collapse to ensure a portable carry. 3 leg angles selections can be made to settle the tripod on uneven terrain and also to allow for super low angle shooting when the legs are splayed out.

The included rubber feet and metal spikes allow for ultimate traction on any surface.

The BX-33 ball head has a high load capacity of 18kgs which can hold the largest of setups. 360-degree panning function is smooth and easy to operate. Tension on the ball can be increased to add more control when using heavier lenses. The included clamp is Arca type compatible allowing the use of any Arca type plate or L-bracket.


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