NiSi 49mm Pro Nano HUC Protector Filter

  • Ultra-thin frame to minimize vignetting on a wide-angle lens
  • Nano coating for best light transmission
  • The highly smooth glass surface

The NiSi 49mm Pro Nano HUC Protector filter is designed to provide the best protection from dust or impact to the front element for camera lenses. Made from high-quality glass with nano coating on both sides, the Nisi Pro Nano HUC protector filter allows 99.3% of light to pass through it. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum with a thickness of only 5.2 mm. Additionally, superfine dull polishing and elaborate knurling make sure that the frame will not blanch because of repeated rotation; this ultra-thin filter frame helps avoid vignetting on super wide-angle lenses.

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