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NiSi Protection Lens Cap for V5/V5 Pro

V5 Lens Cap Compatibility

    • Perfect to protect the Built-in C-PL V5 or the new V5 Landscape Polarizer
    • No need to put off the C-PL after use it, Leave it mounted and the cap will protect it from scratches and dust.
    • No need to remove your 82mm adaptor ring
    • Works with and without the C-PL

Please note this lens cap is NOT compatible with the V6.

NiSi Protection Lens Cap for V5/V5 Pro attaches to the 82mm adaptor ring and protects the front of the lens and V5 C-PL including the NEW Enhanced Landscape C-PL.  If you are walking from a location to another and you don’t want to remove the CPL and the 82mm adaptor ring, the NiSi Protection Lens Cap for V5/V5 Pro is what you need to be sure that everything is well protected and mounted on the lens ready for the next shot. The lens cap also allows you to leave the 82mm adaptor ring attached to the lens when you pack it away in your bag.

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