NiSi V7 ALPHA 100mm Aluminum Filter Holder

  • Excellent entry to the NiSi 100mm System
  • Holds up to 3 x 100mm (2mm thick) filters
  • No vignetting on the ultra-wide-angle lens even at 16mm full-frame
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Locking system for fixing the filter position
  • 82mm ring, without polariser rotation mechanism and mount
  • Compatible with all V7 Series adaptor rings from 49-77mm

The NiSi V7 ALPHA 100mm Aluminum Filter Holder continues the success of our very popular V7 Holder. The V7 Alpha is the easiest way to get started with the NiSi 100mm filter system, offering great value to get you started with filters.

The NiSi V7 ALPHA is designed to use 100mm wide filters that are 2mm thick and can support 3 filters 100mm wide and 2mm thick. Included is an 82mm adaptor ring to allow the holder to connect to any lens with an 82mm standard filter thread.  The holder can be combined with our V7 adaptor rings to allow the use of sizes from 49mm to 77mm (Sold separately).

The holder features our superior left to right pressed clip design, allowing filters to be very smoothly inserted and removed.  The holder can be rotated 360 degrees to allow graduated neutral density filters to be rotated for perfect placement with a horizon and light source.

The V7 ALPHA features: 

  • The same filter holder as the V7 featuring Left to right pressed clips rather than the traditional top and bottom design.  It is very smooth to insert and remove filters.
  • An 82mm adaptor ring that is compatible with existing V6/V7 adaptor rings for 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 72mm, 77mm (V7 Adaptor rings sold separately).
  • A most cost-effective entry to the NiSi 100mm Filter System.
  • It is made from aviation-grade aluminum with single element processing by CNC machine and features a matte black frosted finish on the surface to minimize reflection.
Please note this holder can only be used with a 100x100mm polariser.

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