Awe-Inspiring Oregon Photo Tours

by Scott Setterberg January 23, 2021

Awe-Inspiring Oregon Photo Tours

With spring just around the corner, we've added four Awe-Inspiring Oregon photo tours to our all-star 2021 lineup.  Two Awe-Inspiring Oregon photo tours are available in May 2021 and two more in September 2021.  These all-inclusive Oregon photography tours feature spectacular locations, gorgeous Pacific Northwest waterfalls, award-winning hotels, great food, private transportation, and free spa services.  There are only 4 spots available on each tour so you receive plenty of one-on-one instruction to take your landscape photography skills to the next level.  Lightroom instruction is also included to improve your digital workflow and make editing much easier.

One of the locations we explore is White River Falls, a beautiful and oddly out of place two-tiered waterfall that flows through a colorful, rocky gorge.  There's also an abandoned hydroelectric power station on site that used to power the region's flourishing farmland and it provides a nice contrast to the natural beauty.  

Lower White River Falls, OregonWe also explore a few of the Seven Wonders of Oregon including Smith Rock, which is a towering mountain of basalt, ash and tuff formations.  The casually flowing Crooked River caresses the base of Smith Rock and hiking trails are plentiful.

Smith Rock, OregonMoving to the westside of Oregon, we tap into some of Oregon's best waterfalls including Abiqua Falls, Butte Creek Falls, and several stunning cascades at Silver Falls State Park.  Abiqua Falls is one of the most incredible locations I've ever experienced.  The falls are located on private property but are publicly accessible via a difficult to find trailhead.  The 92' tall waterfall is surrounded by a colorful basalt amphitheater and is a sensational reminder of how fortunate we are to live on such a magnificent planet.  

Abiqua FallsButte Creek Falls, while not as tall as tall as Abiqua Falls, delivers its own incredible display with a wide, 26' tall cascade plunging over a basalt ledge that creates a shallow cave behind the falls that's easily accessible.

Butte Creek Falls, Oregon
Silver Falls State Park, known as the crown jewel of the Oregon park system, delivers a plethora of fantastic waterfalls and we explore seven of them while meandering on the Trail of Ten Waterfalls.

Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, OregonAfter exploring those Oregon waterfalls, we head north to the world-famous Columbia River Gorge, which is the second of the Seven Wonders of Oregon that we photograph on these incredible photo tours.  Along with soaking up the Gorge's scenic beauty, we photograph Oregon's most famous waterfall, Multnomah Falls, a towering 620', two-tiered cascade that is simply breathtaking. 

Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
After playing in the Gorge, we travel to iconic Trillium Lake and photograph the majestic Mt. Hood reflecting in the glassy water at sunset.  Mt. Hood is the third of the Seven Wonders of Oregon we experience and this location is a magical way to finish off the tour.

Trillium Lake & Mt. Hood, OregonThere are four Awe-Inspiring Oregon photo tours from which to choose - two in May 2021 and two in September 2021.  Click the banner below and review the detailed itineraries and dates, check out the awesome hotels, and grab your spots before the quickly approaching registration deadlines expire.  Looking forward to exploring Oregon with you!

Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg