Washington Waterfalls and Oregon Fall Colors Photo Tours

by Scott Setterberg May 10, 2023

Washington Waterfalls and Oregon Fall Colors Photo Tours

I have been back from Costa Rica for a couple days and spring is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest.  That means everything is green and vibrant and waterfalls are running full with snowmelt. 

Speaking of waterfalls, there are plenty of good ones in Washington state, but only a few leave you speechless.  On the brand new Washington Waterfalls Photo Tour, we photograph the three best waterfalls in Washington and each one is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Falls Creek Falls, Washington
Along with gorgeous cascades, we photograph snowcapped mountains reflecting in shimmering lakes, as well as beautiful streams and lush old-growth forests.  This 4-day, 3-night, all-inclusive photo tour is loaded with spectacular scenery at incredible locations and is available twice in September 2023.  Click the orange link above for the full itinerary and booking information.  

Mt. Adams, Washington

Moving on... in October, we close out the United States photo tour season with the Oregon Fall Colors Photo Tour.  This all-inclusive photography tour features sensational Oregon waterfalls at the height of fall color season and much more.

Starvation Creek, Oregon
In addition to amazing waterfalls, we also photograph rushing streams, mossy forests, gorgeous lakes, and two of the Seven Wonders of Oregon - the incredible Columbia River Gorge and towering Mount Hood. 

Wahclella Falls Stream, Oregon
This exceptional, 6-day, 5-night photo tour is only available once this year, and the dates are October 22-27, 2023.  The registration deadline is September 15, 2023, so grab your spots now before they're gone!

Once final note... Facebook and Instagram have changed their algorithms in favor of video and are limiting exposure for photographers.  To offset this, I joined VERO, an algorithm-free, ad-free social media site for photography, video, television, and much more.  I've been posting new photos most days, so please download the app and follow my stream on VERO.  It's a beautiful platform with wonderful people and excellent content. 

Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg