Fine Art Photo Prints

by Scott Setterberg July 08, 2024

Fine Art Photo Prints

It's been a while since I have written about fine art photography prints.  Clients that have followed me for years know that over the last two decades, my prints have been featured in dozens of juried fine art festivals and solo and group gallery exhibitions throughout the United States, Costa Rica, and South Korea.  Despite that, for the last eight years, all my time has been dedicated to producing exceptional photography tours.  Unfortunately, during that time, my photographic prints became secondary, and they rightfully deserve a more prominent role. 

That said, my fine art photo prints have always been displayed and available for purchase on this website, but it has been quite some time since my print galleries have been updated with my latest work.  Throughout that time, my photography tours have taken me to spectacular locations, and I have accumulated hundreds of fantastic new images.  Because of that, I have spent the last several weeks updating my website with new fine art photography prints that have never before been featured. 

Along with the new images, I have included photographs of each print in an interior setting.  Now clients can visualize what each piece will look like when displayed in their home.  I also decided to only produce traditional prints on professional paper, giving clients more freedom in how they would like to matte and frame their selections. 

Lower Falls Creek Falls

Because they are stunningly beautiful, I also still produce high-definition aluminum prints.  I have eliminated small prints, as the cost involved in producing them has skyrocketed, and larger prints display much better anyway.  Print sizes now start at 12"x18" and go up to 40"x60".  As always, all prints are limited edition, signed with the edition number, include a certificate of authenticity, and only the finest archival-quality materials are used in their creation.  

So, that's the latest news regarding fine art photography prints.  I encourage you to visit each print gallery and snoop around.  There are currently 180 photographs available.  Click the banner below and start exploring now!

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FLICKR: flickr.com/photos/scott-setterberg

Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg


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