The Palouse and Central Oregon Coast Photo Tours

by Scott Setterberg March 02, 2023

The Palouse and Central Oregon Coast Photo Tours

Like every year at this time, I'm incredibly busy running Costa Rica photo tours while also preparing for the US photo tour season.  With all the Costa Rica deadlines behind us now, I can start describing in more detail the amazing, upcoming Oregon and Washington photo tours.  

The 2023 US photo tour season begins in May with the Central Oregon Coast and Palouse Eastern Washington photo tours.  Since the Central Oregon Coast tour is up first, let's begin there.

The all-inclusive Central Oregon Coast Photo Tour is 5-days / 4-nights and features dramatic seascapes along the sensational Central Oregon Coast.  We photograph beautiful beaches, stunning sea stacks, colorful tide pools, historic lighthouses, gorgeous sunsets, and incredible waterfalls. 

Locations include Ecola State Park, Hug Point, Cannon Beach, Proposal Rock, Heceta Head Lighthouse, Thor's Well, and Sweet Creek Falls.  This photo tour is limited to 4 spots.  Below are some highlights... 

Proposal Rock, Oregon
Hug Point, Oregon
Sweet Creek Falls, Oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Thor's Well, Oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon

If you don't already know, I grew up in Eastern Washington and know the region incredibly well.  Eastern Washington is extremely different than the lush, wet, western side of the state.  It requires a lot of scouting to find great locations that can sustain a landscape photographer each day, and that's exactly what I've done to create the Palouse Eastern Washington photo tour.

As the name indicates, the 6-day / 5-night, all-inclusive Palouse Eastern Washington Photo Tour features the world-famous Palouse and its rolling hills of vibrant farmland.  Rather than focusing solely on that one landscape for the entire tour,  I included other locations that are equally impressive, yet mostly unknown, and are missing from every other Palouse photography tour.  

In addition to the Palouse, we explore and photograph spectacular bluffs overlooking the mighty Columbia River that have been untouched by agriculture and development for the last 80 years.  We also photograph the surrounding mountains, jagged gorges, towering columnar basalt cliffs, hidden lakes, amazing waterfalls, beautiful wildflowers, and breathtaking sunsets.  This photo tour is much more diverse than all other Palouse photo tours on the market.  

Locations include the Palouse, Steptoe Butte, Palouse Falls, McNary Wildlife Refuge, White Bluffs / Hanford Reach, the Columbia River, and Ancient Lakes.  Along with this blog post's header photo, here's some inspiration...

White Bluffs, Hanford Reach, Washington
Palouse Falls, Washington
The Palouse, Washington
Palouse Falls Canyon, Washington
Ancient Lakes Waterfall, Washington
White Bluffs, Hanford Reach, Washington

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Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg