Bajos Del Toro, Costa Rica

by Scott Setterberg June 24, 2018

Bajos Del Toro, Costa Rica

Incredible locations are scattered throughout Costa Rica's Central Valley, and one of the best of them is tucked away in a misty cloud forest near Juan Castro Blanco National Park.  Bajos del Toro waterfall, also referred to as Catarata del Toro, is one of the tallest waterfalls in Costa Rica and plunges 300+ feet into an ancient volcano crater below.  Red and orange mineral deposits scar the rock walls, and bright green moss blankets the landscape surrounding the falls, adding rich, vibrant color to the towering cascade.

Catarata Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica
Near the park entrance, hundreds of colorful hummingbirds whizz through tropical flowering gardens scattered with orchids and wandering walking trails.  Winding through the dense jungle to the base of the falls, the main trail is a mix of flat dirt pathways, natural declines, and concrete stairs, and I've seen howler monkeys slinging themselves from tree branches on the journey to the bottom. 
Howler Monkey
Due to the high elevation, conditions can change rapidly at Bajos del Toro as clouds can quickly drift in, providing many opportunities to use creative compositions to accentuate the changing weather patterns. 

Bajos del Toro Waterfall
Bajos del Toro is an exciting location filled with a variety of excellent Costa Rica photo opportunities.  If you'd like to experience the jaw-dropping beauty of Bajos Del Toro, join one of my Costa Rica Photo Tours today!

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Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg