Beautiful Butte Creek Falls

by Scott Setterberg August 18, 2020

Beautiful Butte Creek Falls

We're getting close to the registration deadlines for the October Oregon Fall Colors photo tours and one of the spectacular destinations on these exceptional, all-inclusive tours is beautiful Butte Creek Falls near the tiny town of Scotts Mill.

Recent road closures make finding Butte Creek Falls challenging but one of the reasons you book a photo tour is for access to normally out of reach locations with a professional photographer who has scouted in advance and knows all the ins and outs of fantastic locations.

The easy trail at Butte Creek falls is slightly more than one mile round trip and wanders through gorgeous rainforest and passes by two incredible and very different waterfalls.  Upper Butte Creek Falls is a wide, 26-foot tall cascade that flows over ancient basalt with a cavern behind the falls that provides unique photo opportunities.  Easy access to the shallow stream below the falls allows creative compositions utilizing boulders and foliage in the foreground for photographs with increased drama and depth.  

Behind Upper Butte Creek Falls in Oregon
After exploring Upper Butte Creek Falls and returning to the main trail, another trail leads you through pristine untouched foliage to a small log footbridge before ending on top of a narrow rock precipice 150' above the creek.  It is possible to descend to the bottom of the falls but the trail is extremely steep and dangerous, especially when wet.  Once you realize how high up you are and how slim the cliff is, you’ll understand that it's best to admire the 78-foot tall waterfall and then carefully return to the main trail.  

Lower Butte Creek Falls in Oregon
Butte Creeks Falls offers several viewing platforms for incredible Oregon nature photography and is one of seven sensational locations we explore on the October Oregon Fall Colors photo tours.  Each tour only has space for 4 clients so click the banner below to review the itineraries and book your spots today!

Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg