Costa Rica Nature Guide

by Scott Setterberg October 24, 2019

Costa Rica Nature Guide

In my last post, you got to know me more by watching my interview with Alex Schult, the founder of the highly respected website, PhotographyTalk.  Since so many of you responded positively to that post, I thought I'd switch roles and introduce you to my professional Costa Rica nature guide, Jason Torres.

I met Jason in 2012 on my first trip to Costa Rica.  On that trip, I was traveling with a photographer friend and we hired Jason as a private guide.  I was impressed with Jason's vast knowledge and great attitude, and knew he would be a perfect fit when I created ColorTexturePhotoTours.

Jason brings twelve years of experience to my Costa Rica photo tours and is licensed with the Costa Rica Institute of Tourism.  He speaks fluent English, and has tremendous knowledge of Costa Rica’s history, culture, regions, wildlife, and flora. Jason values integrity, respect, responsibility, and honesty, is passionate about protecting Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity through education and activism, and he plays an essential role in providing our clients with exceptional Costa Rica photography adventures.

Jason Torres

Recently, I asked Jason a few questions, and here are his responses...

Please introduce yourself.  Who is Jason Torres? 
I'm a Tico, which means I am Costa Rican.  I was born in a little city near San Jose called Grecia, and have lived in other parts of the country on the Caribbean side as well as the Arenal Volcano area.  I've had opportunities to learn about the culture and traditions of many different regions and it's awesome to be outside in contact with nature.  In my time off, I'm very active and like to workout, watch soccer, visit new places, and spend time with my family.  My family lives close to me, and that's very nice, and why I live in La Fortuna (near Arenal Volcano).

How did you become a nature guide? 
My first job was with an adventure company doing zip lines, horseback riding, rappelling, and hikes and being in the jungle was very exciting.  I started falling in love with nature and began studying ecotourism and working as a nature guide 12 years ago.  Now I have the opportunity to teach people about the culture and biodiversity of Costa Rica.  

What is your philosophy on nature, wildlife, and biodiversity?
For me, one of the most important things is conservation, and to have respect for other creatures and try to have a minimum impact on the environment.  We need to understand that we share this planet with thousands of other species and we have to respect them.  I like to tell people that our home is not only the place where we live but it's everything else.  It's our planet and we have to protect it.

What do you enjoy most about being a nature guide?
One thing that I really enjoy about my job is having the chance to meet new people. It's very interesting sharing knowledge and experiences with people from different parts of the world.

What do you want clients to walk away with after a tour with you?  
When I do a tour, I hope that people walk away with an appreciation and understanding of all that we have in Costa Rica.  

How did you meet Scott and how has your work relationship evolved?
I met Scott in 2012 on a tour to Rio Celeste and he was very enthusiastic and passionate about nature and our country.  I knew he was a great photographer, and I remember he said that he would love to bring people to Costa Rica and start a project.  I thought he was kidding, but he did it, and it was a big surprise.  I know it's been hard for him - it always is when creating something new - but now we can see the results from his hard work and determination.

How has your experience been working with ColorTexturePhotoTours?  
ColorTexturePhotoTours is a great company and is very professional.  One of the most important things is that clients can be assured that the service is very personalized, which is super important for photography tours.  Having small groups and knowing the best locations is priceless.  Scott has a lot of photography experience and is really good at teaching people and the way he has organized everything, plus the incredible hotels and excellent food, all make ColorTexturePhotoTours stand out.  Working with Scott has been a great experience for me and I just want to thank him for the opportunity.

Photo Tour Clients at Danta Waterfall, La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Jason (far right) helping clients on one of our Costa Rica photo tours.

So there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed learning more about Jason.  He is a great asset and I am extremely grateful and thankful for his friendship, expertise, and help in making my photo tours the best in Costa Rica.

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Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg