2022 Costa Rica Photo Tour Schedule

by Scott Setterberg August 10, 2021

2022 Costa Rica Photo Tour Schedule

The last few weeks have been extremely busy.  I've done two long photo tours in Washington and Oregon and have also been creating new Costa Rica photo tours for 2022.  Both photo tours were amazing - exploring new locations, creating spectacular images, and making new, life-long friends.  I truly have the best job in the world!

Now, before I get into Costa Rica, I'd like to remind you that the September 2021 Awe-Inspiring Oregon Photo Tours have spots available and the deadlines for those two tours are August 31 and September 4, 2021.  You can check out those tours here and here and here's some new inspiration from one of the locations on those tours...

Upper North Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
With that, let's move on to Costa Rica.

I've previously told subscribers why I do tours in Costa Rica when I do, and it's important to restate that information.  

Costa Rica has two distinct seasons.  The dry season begins in mid-December and continues through April.  
During the dry season, the weather is gorgeous with lots of sunshine and very little rain. The period between mid-December and the first week of January, as well as the week of Easter, is considered "peak season" when prices are extraordinarily high and locations and roads are extremely overcrowded.  The wet season begins in May and continues through mid-December, and throughout most of the country, it rains every single day. 

Having lived in and explored Costa Rica extensively over the last 9 years, I can confirm that trying to shoot in the rainy season is, well, suboptimal.  Many days are spent inside hotel rooms or restaurants waiting for the rain to stop.  Even when the weather clears, trails are wet, muddy, and slick, and can be difficult to navigate.  Rivers that are normally spectacular blue, green, and turquoise colors turn murky brown and waterfalls become raging torrents of unpleasant dirty water.

Based on all that, I only produce tours during Costa Rica's dry season between mid-January and the end of April, and always skip the week of Easter.  This allows us to take advantage of the beautiful weather and shoot without limitations. 

You should also know that other companies offer photo tours during Costa Rica's wet season to capitalize on lower prices, but do you really want to spend your photo tour waiting out the rain and trying to shoot unappealing locations in undesirable weather?

With all that stated, it's time to announce the 2022 Costa Rica photo tour schedule! 

First up is the Costa Rica Landscapes Photo Tour.  This phenomenal, 6-day, 5-night all-inclusive photo tour begins in San Jose and traverses the region of Sarapiqui and its jungle rivers, rusty bridges, tropical flora and fauna, and stunning, yet mostly unknown waterfalls.  After Sarapiqui, we explore Bajos del Toro and Las Gemelas, and both locations are filled with verdant landscapes, towering waterfalls, colorful pools, shallow rocky rivers, and a sampling of exotic wildlife.  

Rio Toro
We also travel to Toro Amarillo and photograph a positively magical location that's home to seven sensational waterfalls, several of which plunge directly into a breathtaking river lined with bright orange boulders.  

Catarata MariaWe finish the tour in a misty cloud forest high above the bustling small city of San Ramon and photograph hummingbirds, lush gardens, and a private farm with a variety of Costa Rica landscapes.  This photo tour is offered three times in January 2022.

Sarapiqui BridgeStarting in February 2022, the Pura Vida Costa Rica Photo Tour returns.  This outstanding, 6-day, 5-night, all-inclusive photo tour begins in the northwest city of Liberia and indulges in the impressive beach and vivid sunsets at Playa Hermosa.

Playa Hermosa Sunset, Costa Rica
Along with quality beach time, we photograph spectacular Llanos de Cortez - rated as one of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica - before traveling to Rincon de la Vieja for a day hiking to Las Chorreras and Oropendola waterfalls and relaxing in the natural hot springs of Rio Negro.

Llanos de Cortez, Costa Rica
Continuing on, we explore the iconic turquoise water of Rio Celeste, then travel to La Fortuna for excellent nature and wildlife photography and incredible tropical sunsets at Lake Arenal.  This photo tour is offered three times in 2022.

Rio Celeste, Costa RicaAlso returning for 2022 is the incredible Colors of Costa Rica Photo Tour.  This all-inclusive, 6-day, 5-night photo tour begins in the capital city of San Jose and explores La Paz Waterfall Gardens which features five rainforest waterfalls and a variety of exotic wildlife including Blue Morpho Butterflies, Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Chesnut-Mandibled Toucans, jungle cats, and monkeys, as well as lush flora and fauna.

Encantada Waterfall, Costa Rica
After La Paz, we travel to the northern highlands of Bajos del Toro and photograph a jaw-dropping waterfall that plunges 300 feet into a colorful ancient volcano crater. We also wander through beautiful flower gardens and photograph hummingbirds and other wildlife that presents itself.

Lake Arenal Sunset, Costa Rica
We will also visit a chocolate farm and photograph the famous La Fortuna and Rio Celeste waterfalls, the stunning suspension bridge over Rio Penas Blancas, and a spectacular sunset at Lake Arenal.  This photo tour is available three times in 2022.

Chestnut-Mandibled ToucanThese exceptional photography tours are for photographers of all skill levels and only 4 spots are available per tour. I share my 30 years of nature photography experience to help improve your images and your digital workflow and editing skills will be enhanced with personalized Lightroom instruction.

Along with awesome weather, gorgeous national parks, stunning landscapes, fantastic waterfalls, and vibrant wildlife, you will enjoy award-winning hotels, gourmet cuisine, and private transportation.  You'll also learn about Costa Rica's rich biodiversity from our professional nature guide who shares his vast knowledge of locations, wildlife, flora and fauna, and the history of Costa Rica.

Finally, and the best part of these all-inclusive photo tours, is all you have to do is show up.  No researching locations.  No scrolling through photos.  No reading reviews.  No emailing hotels to check availability.  No planning daily itineraries.  No switching around dates.  No searching for rental cars.  No learning foreign driving laws.  No trying to find locations on unmarked roads.  No looking for tour guides.  No hunting for great restaurants.  I take care of all that for you and deliver top-notch quality.

So what are you waiting for?  Click the banner below to check out all the itineraries and dates, then use the registration form on each itinerary page to book your spots.  

Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg