Discovering The Twins: Las Gemelas

by Scott Setterberg August 01, 2019

Discovering The Twins: Las Gemelas

Tucked away in a misty cloud forest in Costa Rica’s vast Central Valley, Bajos del Toro is a small, isolated community surrounded by verdant farmland, rolling hills, and dozens of spectacular waterfalls.  Most people venture to Bajos del Toro for the towering 300’ waterfall of the same name, but what they often fail to discover is the incredible dual waterfalls called Las Gemelas, which means “The Twins."

Although The Twins are not as easy to experience as Catarata Bajos del Toro, the additional effort required to view them produces a fantastic payoff.  The 2-mile roundtrip hike takes you through the heart of Costa Rica's gorgeous countryside and is filled with vibrant colors and rich textures.  Stunning landscape photography opportunities are readily available, and due to the high elevation, clouds often roll in producing spectacular effects.

Bajos Fog, Costa RicaAfter walking for 30 minutes through lush, expansive pastures, you arrive at the point to enter the dense jungle environment hosting the twin beauties.  A few stairs take you down to the water’s edge, and as you begin crossing the river, the first of the twins appears.  Composed of bright orange rock and cool, clear, sky blue water, the first twin waterfall stands nearly 80’ tall and spills into the fast-moving, rocky river below.  Surrounded by huge boulders, a rich turquoise pool forms downstream before continuing the journey to feed other waterfalls below. 

Las Gemelas, Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica
As you continue forward approaching the first twin, the second twin peaks out from a deep canyon to the left. Although completely different from the first cascade, the second is equally impressive, and the atmosphere is filled with spray from the slightly smaller fraternal twin.  The water from this fall is bluer than the first twin and contrasts perfectly against the colorful elements in the scene.  

Las Gemelas, Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica
The shallow river below The Twins is a vividly colorful mix of deep jungle greens, light teal blues, and orange-covered rocks that create a natural bridge making crossing the river easy.  2023 Update: A bridge has been installed over the river, making crossing even easier.  
 Las Gemelas Stream, Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica
On the return to base camp, there's another hidden gem that I've yet to see anyone else capture, and it's a private Eden paradise that's easily accessible if you know where to look.  

Bajos del Toro Eden, Costa RicaAs you can see, for those willing to make a little effort, The Twins of Bajos del Toro provide a high-paying reward. If you're willing that make that effort, you can explore Las Gemelas on the Costa Rica Landscapes photo tour. Click the photo tour link above and check out the dates, incredible itinerary and amazing amenities, and book your spot today!

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Scott Setterberg
Scott Setterberg